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A Proposed Standard for Valuing Closely Held Corporations in divorce" (2011)

Spousal Fiduciary Responsibilities (December, 2009)

How Should PRE-MARITAL Cohabitation Be Considered in the Alimony Analysis? (January, 2009)

Palimony: A new Approach (January, 2009)

May A Court Consider Expenses A Spouse Incurs for a Fully Emancipated Child on an Initial Determination or Modification of Alimony (January, 2008)

Your Client Demands to Settle But Discovery is Not Complete. What Language Should be Added to a Property Settlement Agreement? (January, 2008)

Payment of Pre-Marital Obligations Such as Alimony, Child Support, Student Loans, With Marital Funds is a Factor Justifying a Lesser Distributable Share of the Marital Assets (January, 2008)

The Conflict Between Public Policy and Valuation Principles: What We Can Learn From Brown (May, 2003)

The Linkage of Policy and the Valuation Standard: The End of Fair Market Value- What Brown v Brown Really Means (January, 2003)

An Analysis of Cox v Cox: How to Determine Whether Permanent or Limited Duration Alimony is Appropriate (January, 2002)

Articles Cited by Courts and Treatises

Articles Published In The New Jersey Family Lawyer


The Far-Reaching Impact of Crews (October, 2001)

Proposal for Appointment of Expert (August, 2001)

Age: The Most Overlooked Issue in Our Practice (January, 2000)

Pendente Lite Motions (November/December, 1998)

Equitable Distribution Value: An Alternative To Fair Market Value (February/March, 1996)

The Marital Lifestyle: To Whom Does It Belong? (October/November, 1996)

Buy Sell Agreements (1995)

Control Premiums In Valuing Closely Held Corporations (May, 1993)

Is Lepis Dead? The Three-Year Review of Child Support (1993)

Determining Valuation of Property After Divorce (August, 1992)

Limited Duration Alimony (September, 1991)
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The Orgler Decision: What It Means and How to Use It (January, 1991)

Equitable Remedies In Family Law (March/April, 1990)

Consideration of Theoretical Tax Consequences in Equitable Distribution (April, 1989)

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Changes In Circumstances (October, 1988)

Recent Alimony Developments (1988)

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Increase in Values of PRE-MARITAL Assets

Changes in Value Between Filing of the Complaint and Trial: Goldman Revisited (1987)

Waiver of Child Support (1987)

Judges Have Rights, Too (May, 1987)

Sale of the Marital Home Due to Cohabitation: A Change in the Law? (April, 1987)

Chairman Addresses Current Issues Before the Courts (March, 1987)

An Example of the Family Law Section's Excellence- Focus on the Family Committee (February, 1987)

The Family Law Section: Update and Appraisal (December/January 1987)

Thank You Justice Pashman (November, 1986)

Oral Argument: The Rule Must Be Enforced (September/October 1986)

Early Settlement Panels: A Program Worthy of Pride (August, 1986)

The Family Law Section's Future (June/July 1986)

Choices Available When Distributing the Former Marital Home (November, 1983)

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